Fight The Funk

Thats right.. fight funk and odor with fun!
Let The Macho Twins tag team your funky, sweaty, stinky shoes and boots.
The perfect Stocking Stuffer and Valentines Day gift.
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Here To Fight The Funk!

Handcrafted Odor & Moisture Fighting Inserts!


Tag Team Sweaty Shoes

Fight Funk With Fun!

Why does odor and sweat-busting have to be so serious?

Have our funk fighting tag team take on the challenge!

Shipping into retail this February. Order Today!
  • Fight Odor:

    - With FunkFighters® Natural Eucalyptus Extract

  • Wick Away Moisture:

    - With Infused Bamboo Charcoal

  • Keep The Shape:

    - Our Soft and Flexable Performance Textile Heads Tag Team Your Toe Box To Fight Creases.

Just arriving ...

The Luchadors are here

and they are ready to fight the funk...

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The Macho Brothers

Tag Team

Sweat and Odor with naturally infused bamboo charcoal and eucalyptus.

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